About us

Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd is a company with main activity design and construction of electrical installations. The company offers engineering, which includes consulting, design, delivery of electrical materials and their installation to enliven and operation of electrical installations. The team of professionals of the company working successfully for more than 15 years in the field of electrical engineering and enforcement Exploitation of electrical systems.

With many years of experience Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd can guarantee that turning to its specialists, you can count on a loyal and reliable partner with extensive experience in designing part Electrotechnical. The company's work is aimed at:

  • Projection and execution of electrical installations in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings;
  • Projection and construction in part Electrical and I & C of the pumping and treatment plants;
  • Projection, construction and validation of an external power supply (MV cables, low voltage cables and transformers);
  • Projection of street lighting systems;
  • Delivery of equipment and assembly of electric and main distribution boards;
  • Preparation of projects for the reconstruction of LV and MV power lines;
  • Audit, design and construction of photovoltaic power plants;
  • Import and distribution of electrical materials of leading European companies;
  • Body for control of type "C".

From 2014 Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is exclusive representative on the Bulgarian market of the Austrian company for fasteners Schnabl Stecktechnik GmdH. The basic principle of Schnabl fastening technology is that the fixtures can be installed without tools and with very little effort with drill hole Ø 6 mm. Schnabl products have one of the highest marks for the quality of the products they offer - certificate of TÜV Austria.

Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is an authorized representative and importer of Italian cables companies ELAN CAVI & BATTERIE, BERICA CAVI S.p.A., the company R & M Convincing cabling solutions, systems for electrical installations Dietzel Univolt, Austria and cable ties Portalámparas y Accesorios Solera, S.A., Spain. The company has available in stock of: communication cables; cables for control, command and signaling; installation wires; low voltage power cables; cables for data transmission; cords with polyvinylchloride isolation, installation boxes; distribution and outlet boxes; pliable and rigid conduits; elements for lightning protection and Earthing; cable ties and etc.

The main office and the showroom of Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd are positioned in Sofia city. The projects, developed and implemented by the company, are carried out through the whole country. Testament for the quality and the reliable performance are the references and the long - term partnerships with leading companies in Bulgaria and abroad.