The Finnish company MOREK offers a wide range of terminals, distribution blocks, cable entries and other products.

The company is popular on the European market with its quality items and innovative solutions.

Since the beginning of 2018 Electro Project Bulgaria Ltd. is the official importer and distributor of MOREK for Bulgaria.


Other items

  • Grounding ball studs MGA
  • Adapter MGA
  • Document holders MLE
  • Potential equalizer busbars PQ
  • Contact greace SR-1


  • Multigates
  • Plastic flanges
  • Splitting multigates /li>
  • Single grommets T-VET and T-GET
  • Single grommets T-GD and T-GDM
  • Gel joints Break

Insulated copper flexbars Moflex

DIN rails and accessories

  • DIN rails
  • Accessories

Sealing and edge protection profiles

  • Edge protection profiles MCA
  • Sealing profiles MCC and MCB
  • Sealing profiles for various purpose - U-profiles MCD
  • Self-adhesive profiles - E-profile and D-profile MCD and MCE
  • Glazing profiles MCG and filler profiles MCF


  • Uninsulated terminals and holder for BB
  • Uninsulated terminals with holder MSET
  • Insulated terminals NPE IP20
  • Uninsulated terminals NPE
  • Bow terminals MAE
  • Bimetal bow terminals MAEH
  • Modular and uninsulated connecting terminals MC и MH


  • Insulated device connectors SR
  • Heavy duty connectors OL
  • Insulated universal connectors OLI
  • Universal connectors OT
  • Connectors OT-PEN
  • Universal connectors OTH

Distribution blocks and terminals

  • Distribution blocks OJL 1P
  • Distribution terminals MAG
  • Distribution blocks Moblock
  • Electric main branch terminals MAF
  • Covers for main branch terminlas MAF
  • Branching blocks MAB

Universal terminals OTL for Al and Cu cables

  • Universal terminals 1P, 2 holes
  • Universal terminals 1P, 4 holes
  • Universal terminals 1P, 6 holes
  • Universal terminals 3P, 6 holes
  • Universal terminals 5P, 10 holes
  • Protective plastic cover for universal terminals OTL