Schletter GmbH is German company, leading producer of innovational light metal constructions. The company provides its customers across the globe with solutions for solar mounting systems, traffic engineering, exhibition stand construction - sales promotion (POS) and environmental technology.


Schletter GmbH

Solar systems

More than three decades Schletter company provides its customers all over the world solutions for solar systems, road construction, construction for exhibitions and environmental facilities and technology. The company's work is aimed at building sustainable and innovative systems. Regardless of the order or the customer, all materials are available from a single source.

Metal constructions

Versatility is on the top of the agenda of Schletter. Therefore the experience and the technology of the company is applied in other areas of the business and the industry, for example, common architectural elements such as porches, balconies or balustrading and even sports equipment.

Traffic engineering

One of the main competencies of the company Schletter is the production of variety of technologies for public and private sector. Scope of expertise range varies from technical design, engineering, through product design, manufacturing and logistics.

Commercial and promotional materials

The product range of Schletter offers and structures for advertising materials, which are made of light metal and are applicable for exhibitions, office and etc. The company manufactures commercial stalls, floors and furniture shop equipment, platforms, advertising and presentation materials etc.

Technologies for environmental protection

Schletter product range in the field of environmental technologies includes street furniture, quality containers for recycling, which can be equipped with additional auxiliary components (for example: electronic control of the fill level, etc.).